Most people have been investing in valuable metals like gold and silver since ages. Gold is seen as one of the best savings option with almost everyone investing in gold coins and gold jewellery from time to time. This is because while the money in your deposit remains idle, the value of gold increases over time.

The recent years have seen a new trend, some people have started investing in precious diamonds along with gold. Investing in diamonds is emerging as a convenient and reasonable option due to a number of reasons.

Diamonds don’t take much space

A small packet of diamonds may cost up to millions of rupees, depending on the quality and grade of those diamonds. There is hardly any better way to keep such a huge amount of money in minimum space.


Being the hardest natural substance on earth, diamonds are highly durable. You don’t have to worry about your diamonds breaking or getting worn off. The only thing you need to ensure is not to lose them.

Enjoy wearing them

The best part about investing in diamond jewellery is that you can enjoy wearing them. This means you can enjoy the assets you have kept as an investment just like the home you live in. To some people, the idea of investing in physical assets like diamonds, seems like a better choice than putting money into stocks or mutual funds, that can only be seen on screen.

Diamonds offer good returns

Earlier the resale value of a diamond was quite questionable. But times have changed as diamonds have experienced a steady rise in value in the recent years. With proper GIA certification and diamond grading reports, you can easily expect a return of about 12% per year. At the same time, the diamond industry isn’t affected by the financial market, which is why high quality diamonds come with good inflation hedges.

Though diamonds can’t be your only form of investment, there is no harm in putting some money aside in the form of diamonds. People are also taking interest in buying coloured diamonds these days. Diamond jewellery is an even better choice for investment since you can enjoy wearing the stunning pieces of jewellery while keeping your investment safe.

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