Diamonds are bought to celebrate many special occasions in life. Colourless and flawless diamonds with excellent cut and clarity are often the most obvious choice of buyers. But, the changing audience taste is making the colored stones popular too.

Diamonds are also great from the point of view of investment. Many investors like to purchase good quality diamonds as a store of wealth. Here are five reasons that make diamonds a great investment.

  • They help you hedge your bets against inflation. When other asset classes are failing investors look for safer avenues like gold and diamonds to safeguard from inflation pressures.

  • It is a great tool to store your wealth. It is wealth that you can carry with yourself unlike a bank account, real estate or brokerage statement.

  • Additionally, you can wear the diamonds if you get them set in jewellery. This is another advantage that most other investment assets don’t give you.

  • Your investments in diamonds can be certified. You can get the quality of diamonds checked by experts so as to know the real value of your investment. Labs across the world can certify the kind of investment you are making.

  • There is a lot of potential return on investment that can come from putting your wealth in diamonds. The price of high quality and rare diamonds can give healthy returns over the years.

The KGK Group is among handful of companies across the globe, who hold the title of De Beers Sightholder, Alrosa Alliance member and Rio Tinto Diamantaire. It is one of the finest sources of diamonds of all shapes colours and sizes in the world.

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