Diamond is not just a stone that has come to its current brilliance over a billion years. It is a statement and a story that has come as a gem after the efforts of countless people. The people, who are involved in bringing the diamond out of the ground, transferring it, shaping it, and polishing it; play an unmatched role in giving it a mark of identity before it is ready to be sent out in the world.

KGK Group, as one of the biggest wholesalers of diamonds in the world, makes sure that talent is rewarded in an equivalent measure of the efforts that were put in. Diamond mining is a huge operation in the industry, with more than 128 million carats of diamond mined annually. Scaling such large numbers is impossible without some local help. And instead of not recognizing these local talents, KGK Group decided to nurture them to make their lives better. Here is a case study of two major mining sites of diamond in the world with which KGK is making a difference.

Empowerment: How KGK Group Is Nurturing The Local Talents


A beautiful coastal country in central Africa, Angola was recently freed from being an overseas colony of Portugal. Angola happens to be the second-biggest producer of diamonds in the Sub Sahara region. The country is home to the Catoca diamond mine, the 4th largest in the world. But despite such large scale mining operations that yield some of the highest quality of diamonds, life expectancy, literacy, healthcare, and infant mortality are few fields Angola is considered to be the worst in the world.

To overcome this problem, the president of Angola, His Excellency Joao Lourenco put in place a number of reforms and put together the first-ever auction of 7 of the most beautiful gems in the world. Through his policies, the president generated significant interest in diamantaires around the world, eventually driving in more investment in Mining in Angola. KGK Group was one of the top bidders in this auction.This and further investment is helping local talent in the country nurture and grow. The future has become bright for Angola and the Angolan.

Sakha Republic

A federal Russian republic, Sakha or Yakutia is the largest subnational governing body in the world. Occupied mainly by Yakuts, the far east of Russia is mainly known for the extreme temperatures it faces in winters. But the most sparkling facet of the home of the Yakuts is that Sakha accounts for about 99% of Russia’s diamond production, and about 25% o the world’s demand. This brings home to Sakha about $1.5 billion.

And to tap into this potential and nurture the local people by educating and training them, KGK Group began the work on a new facility near Vladivostok. This facility will be used for diamond-cutting and processing and will begin functioning by the end of 2019, giving employment to more than 500 locals. The major appeal of this facility is going to be the training center that will be built for the staff, giving the power to the locals to run this place with their hard work. The most exciting feature of this facility, however, is the planned capacity of cutting 9,000 carats of diamond per month.

Empowerment: How KGK Group Is Nurturing The Local Talents As mentioned before, a diamond is much more than a sparkling stone. It is a story and a statement made by thousands of people involved in the process. Angola and Yakutia are the regions whose stories have been touched immensely by the best diamond manufacturer in Hong Kong, KGK Group.

KGK Group believes in sustainable progress and advancing towards a better world with everyone in tow.

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