A ring shank is an essential part of the beauty of the ring and its significance increases along with the gems used in the ring. When you are about to create the ring, it is important to know different kind of ring shanks and their significance for customers.

As a retailer, it is always important to know the taste of the customers. But sometimes, customers are unaware of their likes, especially when it comes to buying the jewellery. Here, the role of retailers comes. If you are well-aware of the language of ring shanks that is usually liked by the customers, you will definitely guide your customer to buy the best ring.

While we are talking about different kind of rink shanks or bands, it is important to know some very popular one and to whom they will be most suitable:

The traditional rink shank

As the name suggests, it is a simple rink shank with an even-width cylinder. This kind of shanks is usually loved by customers who have long and thin fingers.

The euro-style ring shank

These shanks are usually square off at the bottom, which makes them ideal for rings with a heavy stone. Though, it is not recommended for the customers with thin fingers.

The tapered ring shank

With wider mounting and thinner bottom shank, such rings are usually preferred by the customers who want to offer an impression of their slimmer finger.

Reverse tapered shank

This is one of the most feminine shanks. It is an oval form ring shank where the area around the mounting looks squished.

Split ring shank

This shape gives an elegant effect to the ring. The band is split up at the mounting looking as if there are two bands holding the stone together. Customers who want to bring attention to their gem admire this shank very much.

The knife-edge ring shank

It is a very thin ring band that resembling a knife-edge. This type of band gives an appreciable appearance to the ring and usually liked by women.

Bypass ring shank

This kind of rink shanks has two non-uniform ends on mounting, giving it an attractive feminine touch.

Whether small or big, every jewellery store must possess some trendy and well-demanded ring shanks. Though, in order to maintain customers for the long term and to satisfy existing customers, it becomes important to know what suits them.

Sometimes, it becomes important to know what is suitable for the customer and insist on them with that instead of what they want. Impressed customers are the best PR agent, and satisfied customer is the ultimate objective of every jeweller. Now, advice your customers with the best options and win their heart and trust with your knowledge and service.

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