The process of jewelry manufacturing used to be a task performed by skilled artisans who worked majorly by hands. In a few countries, it is still a practice but the other major producers have upgraded to the latest technological advancements. The task of diamond cutting and polishing has seen major advancements over the years. Today, almost every product is mass produced through machines and jewelry is no exception to this. The large retail chains have assembly line production facilities that use high tech tools and equipment to make jewelry.

Both large and small technologies are changing the way jewelry is made. The milling machines have been in use for years to make tools and other parts for automotive and other industries. These machines make use of a rotating cutter that results to a superior quality cut. These machines often resemble a drill but with the recent advancements have become sophisticated. The modern milling machines have the ability to rotate on five different axes to result to advanced manufacturing. These machines are created in such a manner that they can cut out wax moulding step and can be easily integrated with CAD software to shape any piece of jewelry directly from a metal piece. These machines are not used for stone setting but they are majorly used from the preparation work before the process of stone setting begins.

This fully furnished jewelry is sold to the buyers who perform various measures to retain the shine and lustre of the jewelry piece. They do not realize how much of work goes into initial polishing that is done in the manufacturing process. The diamonds and precious metals may have a dull and dirty look when they are manufactured. Before the final sale, it goes through an extensive polishing process that gives it a captivating shine and lustre.

There are various machines that are involved in various processes by gemstone and diamond manufacturers and dealers. There are different types of finishing machines used by the KGK group to come up with uniquely cutgemstones.
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